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Fragile Pampas

Our World of Letterpress

Our childhood was a wonderful mix of country living, carefree summers, and cozy winter days and evenings spent in the print shop. (Dad was a great storyteller and we would gather around the press for stories.) He started his business with a small 5x8 Kellsey tabletop letterpress, which he purchased before he was married. This is the letterpress Dad printed their wedding invitations on. Later he bought a Chandler and Price letterpress that is a hard-working machine today. Growing up with the print shop in our yard, we spent many happy hours helping dad with a variety of jobs. We especially remember helping print thank you notes and napkins even if it meant pulling up a small stepstool to make us a wee bit taller. 


Fast forward to today we both married, had our time of being mothers to our wonderful families and now are very excited about keeping Dad’s dream of printing alive. He and Mom both passed away suddenly in 2014. After his death we continued printing ribbons for special occasions and now have expanded our passion into creating beautiful wedding collections along with baby announcements, shower invites, and business cards. We recently purchased an old stone building in our local town that was built in 1880. So a new chapter of our life is starting. We will be on our own and Quality Printing will continue without the letterpress part of the business. We are thrilled to be soon moving into our newly renovated studio. It will be an exciting adventure to create and dream up beautiful wedding collections with brides for years to come. And who knows, maybe one day we will hand down our dear old letterpress to our grandchildren! We both love that idea!

Nona & Debbie


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